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How to contact us? You can contact us by email or phone : location@sypra.be / +32 491 90 50 60 in case you prefer, you can also send us a mp through our Facebook page SYPRA - Students & Young professionals Accomodations
What are the practical steps to book my accommodation? In case you’re a student, we will need your contact details as well as those of the persons who will be responsible for the rent (ie. parents etc.). Once we have those, we make up the contract and send it over to you for reading. You then have to sign all parts of this contract of come and sign them at our office! In case you’re a young professional, we will need proof of your solvency!
What is included in the monthly charges? The amount covers the costs for water, electricity, heating, internet, insurance as well as the overall cleaning & maintenance of the building, including heater & fire extinguishers.
Where should I go for my laundry? In most of our buildings we have a laundry area available for our tenants with washing machine & dryer. The use of this area amounts to 15€/month/user. In case you’d rather install your own laundry machine, no problem for us, though a surcharge of 15€/month/user will have to be considered for the use of water & electricity.
What is the insurance covering? The housing insurance with abandonment of appeal has been subscribed for all the tenants of our buildings. It covers your responsibility as a tenant in case of trouble (fire, water, etc…) The insurance is not covering the content of the apartement though. In case you would like to insure the content of your accommodation (TV, computer, furniture etc.) you will have to take another insurance on top!
What extra costs are there to be foreseen on top of rent & monthly charges? There are no agency costs to foresee.
A detailed state of the appartement is being organisez before you’re moving in as well as upon departure. During this review, pictures of the apartment are taken & a detailed inventory of the characteristics is made. All remarks are made in the same document. In order to cover up these costs, we charges from 50€ up to 300€ depending on the size of the accommodation. This amount has to be paid upon arrival but is only due only once and covers both the entry & the exit of the stay.
How does the waste organisation work? An annual waste fee is asked yearly by the from the city to cover picking up the waste & maintaining the sewers. This tax concerns all of the buildings of the city. In case you’ve moved your official adresse to Liège, you will get the payment request addressed directly to you. In case you have not moved your permanent address, you will be asked to pay this tax to the owner who will receive the request from the city. The amount of the fee is 85€ in case one person lives in the appartement, in case of more inhabitants, it accounts to 140€ for all inhabitants. You will have to pay this amount with your first rent. In exchange you will receive 50 official waste bags of Liège city.
What can i do, in case of problems in my accommodation? Whatever problem you may encounter, please feel free to contact Magali, our property manager. She’ll be happy to help find a solution and send someone of our technical team if necessary. In order to answer to your request, to easiest to tell us about your problem or any question related to your accommodation is to send us an email to contact@sypra.be. You will get a quick response from our side. In case of extreme urgency, you can join us by phone 24/7 on the numbest +32 496 26 78 78
What is the duration of the contract? Our contracts are use made for 2 years with the possibility of cancelling it without any costs after 1 year. Most of our contracts starts on september 1st but we also have som available all through the year. We also have some appartements specially dedicated to shorter stays (from a few days to a few months)
What does SYPRA means? Sypra is standing for Students & Young Professionals Accommodations, we are specialized in providing accommodation for students and young professionals in Liège & Mons. We’re offering flexible solutions for high quality accommodation and perfectly in line with the needs for the young & dynamic.
I want to switch accommodation at the end of the year… How should I do it? you want to change your place to stay, you can simply fill in our online form or send us an email to location@sypra.be with all your criteria & we’ll do our best to find something that matches what you are looking for!
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